Film Workshops in Stockholm and Sigtuna

We have so far conducted 3 film workshops in Sigtuna Municipality in collaboration with Forum,
fritidsgårdarna and ABF Sigtuna where we have employed 60 young people with film 40h/month during
a total of 8 months!

During the fall of 2012 Norse Legend Productions, with the financial support from Sigtuna municipality Culture and leisure and ABF Sigtuna specialized courses in film production ”Filmworkshop 2” – a two-month project intended to engage young people between the ages of 13-17 with meaningful employment. The idea was to counter crime, drug and alcohol abuse among young people and instead few them to use their time to express their dreams and frustrations in film format. The recruitment took place mainly in Märsta in schools, leisure centers, youth centers and on the street.

We believe that filmmaking is a matter of democracy where everyone, regardless of background and interest, is given spacetheir creativity and also learn professional skills in film that can lead to jobs – we can establish that our film workshops are professional preparation for the participants. Unlike other arts, we know that filmmaking is an inclusive activity where everybody can contribute a lot regardless of skill. In every film workshop that we have conducted, we gave each course participants the opportunity to express themselves in film in the area they felt at home with: storyboard drawing, script, planning, acting technique, dance, music production, camera handling, lighting, makeup, editing, etc.

See the film below for more insights of our film workshops: