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Why choose Norse Legend Productions?

First of all, we are not good. We are damn good. We are here to be a step ahead, and create legendary productions for you.

Secondly, we care about you selling more, and to deliver you a great quality film that you can use to your benefit. For instance, profit is not our focus, we care about producing outstanding work that will outlive us – and your competition. Above all, we want YOU to profit from our productions.

Third reason why you should choose us is because we got no middle hands! For instance, don´t have to rent any film equipment, we are a fully equipped film production company, and that´s pretty rare. In other words, we don’t need to rent expensive film equipment and bill it to our clients like many other film companies do. Instead, we put your resources where it belongs, in your film and in your pockets. Therefore making high-end film productions cost effective for you.

Drone footage. Produced by: Norse Legend Productions
  • High filmmaking expertise
  • Client oriented values
  • Fully equipped film production company
  • No middle hands
  • Affordable high-end film even for small businesses
  • In-house visual effects included in our films

What do our clients say about us?

”The commercials are really cool and very impressive!”

Jennifer Wickman

Social media Manager –
VOI technologies ab

”Thank you so much for an outstanding job. We got a lot for our money”

Joakim Lorentzon

VD – Capo ab

”Norse Legend has delivered above expectations and been involved in developing our upcoming PvP game, Glowing Gloves. They have also produced the teaser trailer we have developed for the game, which we are very pleased with ”

Magnus Granqvist

vd – bublar group ab

”Masterly film. Norse Legend is professional, entertaining as well as captivating. They produced a commercial that you would gladly show your customers and friends”

Jonas Sjödin

VD – reklamgren linnmans ab

Our clients

We produce high quality content for our clients

Norse Legend is based in Stockholm

Feel free to contact us for any question you might have!